Perhaps the angel’s injunction to fear not has more transcendent relevance to us today than it did in calming the shepherds’ fear that first Christmas night.

Could he also have meant for us to understand that because of the Savior, fear will never triumph? to reinforce that ultimate fear is never justified? to remind us that no earthly problem need be lasting, that none of us is beyond redeeming?

L. Whitney Clayton  |  Fear Not

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“Fear which ‘shall come upon every man’ D&C 63:33 is the natural consequence of a sense of weakness, also of sin. Fear is a chief weapon of Satan in making mankind unhappy. He who fears loses strength for the combat of life, for the fight against evil. Therefore, the power of evil ever seeks to engender fear in human hearts. In this day of sorrow, fear walks with humanity. It directs, measurably, the course of every battle. It remains as a gnawing poison in the heart of victors as of the vanquished.

John A. Widtsoe  |  "If Ye Are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear"

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“Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love.”


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Teenagers also sometimes think, “What’s the use? The world will soon be blown all apart and come to an end.” That feeling comes from fear, not from faith. No one knows the hour or the day (see D&C 49:7), but the end cannot come until all of the purposes of the Lord are fulfilled. Everything that I have learned from the revelations and from life convinces me that there is time and to spare for you to carefully prepare for a long life.

Boyd K. Packer  |  Ensign, May 1989, p. 59

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“Why would we suppress God’s grace? Because it scares us. What God gives is beyond our control, much of it is difficult to receive, and a lot of it fails to line up with what we thought we wanted. More, because we’re incapable of receiving, all at once, everything that God wants to give, God can only give a few things at a time. And because God can only give a few things at a time, all of God’s giving also arrives as the passing away of what was previously given. That is, all of God’s giving arrives as a kind of taking.”

Adam S. Miller  |  Future Mormon

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This faith and hope of which I speak, is not a Pollyanna-like approach to significant personal and public problems. I don’t believe we can wake up in the morning and simply by drawing a big “happy face” on the chalkboard believe that is going to take care of the world’s difficulties. But if our faith and hope is anchored in Christ, in his teachings, commandments, and promises, then we are able to count on something truly remarkable, genuinely miraculous, which can part the Red Sea and lead Modern Israel to a place, “where none shall come to hurt or make afraid.” Fear, which can come upon people in difficult days, is a principal weapon in the arsenal which Satan uses to make mankind unhappy. He who fears loses strength for the combat of life, in the fight against evil. Therefore the power of the Evil One always tries to generate fear in human hearts. In every age and in every era fear has faced mankind.

Howard W. Hunter  |  “An Anchor to the Souls of Men,” CES Fireside for Young Adults, February 7, 1993

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Image of Elizabeth Smart

“Later, there were times when I was angry with myself for succumbing to that fear. But those with shattered souls find it very difficult to speak.”

Elizabeth Smart  |  My Story: Elizabeth Smart

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“Godly fear is loving and trusting in Him. As we fear God more completely, we love Him more perfectly. And ‘perfect love casteth out all fear.’ I promise the bright light of godly fear will chase away the dark shadows of mortal fears. As we look to the Savior, build upon Him as our foundation, and press forward on His covenant path with consecrated commitment.”

Elder David A. Bednar  |  Therefore They Hushed Their Fears


“Reverence may be defined as a profound respect mingled with love and awe. Other words that add to our understanding of reverence include gratitude, honor, veneration, and admiration. The root word revere also implies an element of fear. Thus, reverence might be understood to mean an attitude of profound respect and love with a desire to honor and show gratitude, with a fear of breaking faith or offending.”

Elder M. Russell Ballard  |  "God's Love for His Children", Ensign May 1988, 57

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“The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do. He who has conquered fear has conquered failure.”

James Allen  |  As a Man Thinketh

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