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Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the LDS church

There is no shortage of suffering in this world, inside the Church and out, so look in any direction and you will find someone whose pain seems too heavy to bear and whose heartache seems never to end. One way to “always remember him” would be to join the Great Physician in His never-ending task of lifting the load from those who are burdened and relieving the pain of those who are distraught.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland  |  Behold the Lamb of God

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“What would happen if the principles of fast day and the fast offering were observed throughout the world[?] The hungry would be fed, the naked clothed, the homeless sheltered. … A new measure of concern and unselfishness would grow in the hearts of people everywhere.”

Gordon B. Hinckley  |  “The State of the Church,” Ensign, May 1991, 52–53.

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“Be liberal in your giving, that you yourselves may grow. Don’t give just for the benefit of the poor, but give for your own welfare. Give enough so that you can give yourself into the kingdom of God through consecrating of your means and your time.”

Marion G. Romney  |  “The Way of the Lord,” Ensign, Nov. 1977, 8.

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Neal A. Maxwell Headshot

“Long sufferers are really something because they think the errant and unrepentant are really something – something worth saving.”

Elder Neal A. Maxwell

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