Stephen L Richards

Prophecy and religion supply the one most indispensable element in all our colossal endeavor, and that is faith – faith in the destiny of our democracy, faith in the triumph of righteousness over evil, and faith in the worth, the integrity, and the majesty of man.

Stephen L Richards  |  Conference Report, April 1942, p. 68


“I am sure that beauty is intimately associated with pure religion. I believe that our Father in Heaven is a God of order and beauty. I doubt if any rational being ever entertained a concept of God, that is, as a personal Being, except in surroundings of beauty and exquisite loveliness … .Do you think it becoming in God’s children to deface the earth while we sojourn here? Being the stewards and custodians of the resources which are committed to us, have we not an obligation to use them, preserve them and return them in the best possible condition that our circumstances will permit?”

Stephen L Richards  |  Conference Report, Apr. 1940.