Robert E. Wells

The Savior chose a very dramatic moment in which to emphasize the value of missionary work. He gave to his apostles the choice of their hearts. Peter said that he preferred to depart speedily from this life and be with the Savior in his kingdom. John the Beloved chose to stay behind and bring souls unto Christ.

Imagine the importance of that beautiful moment, Peter choosing to be with the Savior in his kingdom above; and yet the Savior turned and said to Peter, “John my Beloved has chosen the greater thing.”

Robert E. Wells  |  The Greatest Thing in My Life

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The main test of life on earth is to see if a person – not remembering the premortal existence with Heavenly Father and not being able to prove His existence by material evidence – will still have faith in God, trust Him, and obey His commandments, no matter the hazard or sacrifice that may be required.

Robert E. Wells  |  Sidney B. Sperry Symposium at BYU, 1991