LDS Quotes on Temples

Without the sealings that create eternal families and link generations here and hereafter, we would be left in eternity with neither roots nor branches—that is, neither ancestry nor posterity.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson  |  The Sealing Power

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[After giving the first endowments, Joseph Smith said to Brigham Young:] “Brother Brigham, this is not arranged perfectly; however we have done the best we could under the circumstances in which we are placed. I wish you to take this matter in hand: organize and systematize all these ceremonies.

L. John Nuttall  |  L. John Nuttall diary, February 7, 1877, quotes in BYU Studies 19

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The bishop should encourage every man, woman and child who earns and receives a return for labor, to honor the Lord and to prove obedient to the law of God by giving the one-tenth of that which he or she receives, as the Lord requires, so that they may have their names enrolled on the book of the law of the Lord, that their genealogies may be had in the archives of the Church, and that they may be entitled to the privileges and blessings of the house of God.

Joseph Fielding Smith

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“The purpose . . . is that of promoting among the members of the Church a vital, active interest in the compilation of genealogical records, in the collating of items of lineage and in the formulation of true family pedigrees, so that the relationship between ancestry and posterity may be determined and be made readily accessible. . . . It is a notable fact that the last seven or eight decades have witnessed a development of interest in genealogical matters theretofore unknown in modern times. . . . There is . . . an influence operative in the world, a spirit moving upon the people, in response to which the living are yearningly reaching backward to learn of their dead.”

James E. Talmage  |  “Genealogical Work Is Essential to Redemption of the Dead in the Holy Temples of the Lord”

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Richard G. Scott Portrait

When a temple is conveniently nearby, small things may interrupt your plans to go to the temple. Set specific goals, considering your circumstances, of when you can and will participate in the temple ordinances. Then do not allow anything to interfere with that plan. Fourteen years ago I decided to attend the temple and complete an ordinance at least once a week. When I am traveling I make up the missed visits in order to achieve that objective. I have kept that resolve, and it has changed my life profoundly”

Richard G. Scott  |  “Temple Worship: The Source of Strength and Power in Times of Need,”

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“I have strong feelings about what is not provocation for breaking the sacred covenants of marriage. Surely it is not simply ‘mental distress’ or ‘personality differences’ or having ‘grown apart’ or having ‘fallen out of love.’ This is especially so where there are children.”

James E. Faust  |  Conference Report, Apr. 1993, 46; or Ensign, May 1993, 36–37

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