Why Is Marriage Ordained of God? | LDS Explanations

A man and a woman holding hands in wedding clothes

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that marriage is ordained of God because it is considered a sacred covenant between a man, a woman, and God. Members of the LDS Church believe that the purpose of marriage is to provide a stable and loving environment in which to rear children and to achieve exaltation, which is the highest degree of eternal glory in the afterlife.

According to LDS Church doctrine, marriage is meant to be a partnership in which a man and a woman work together to fulfill their divine roles and responsibilities. Marriage is also seen as a way to strengthen individuals and families and to bring joy and happiness to their lives.

The LDS Church also teaches that marriage is a covenant that is meant to last for eternity, not just for this life. This belief in eternal marriage is based on the concept of the eternal nature of the soul and the belief that families can be together forever in the afterlife.

Overall, the LDS Church’s teachings on marriage are based on its interpretation of scriptural teachings and the belief that marriage is a sacred and important institution ordained by God.

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