“Mormon Soaking” Defined & Explained (By A Mormon)

Image of Pork loin marinating in a bag acting as a visual analogy for mormon soaking

Ah yes… Soaking…

As a Mormon (or Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) I’m not only familiar with this term, I went to BYU with friends who’d “soaked.”

As a Mormon, I want to make it clear: Yes, this is odd behavior…

My name is Max Pond, I own and operate this website. I am an active Mormon. I graduated from BYU Provo in 2015. Here’s a picture of me and my cute little family. 

Max Pond and his wife, Katherine

Let’s Talk About “Soaking”

 I wanted to bring an ACTUAL Mormon’s perspective to the table. Why? Because I’ve heard people talking about soaking or “jump humping”, whether it’s:


There are certainly some details in all of these that are either missing or being misrepresented. So, what are they? 


What Is “Mormon Soaking”? What does it mean?     

“Mormon soaking,” refers to a practice rumored to be done by some individuals within the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in an attempt to circumvent the Church’s teachings on chastity and abstaining from sexual relations before marriage. In essence, it’s said to involve a couple engaging in intimate physical contact without any form of movement.

You might say it’s sexual Intercourse without the “course”, just the “inter”. It’s also sometimes referred to as “parking” or “docking”.

Stated without any euphemisms, Soaking is when the male inserts his penis into the vagina so that penetration has occurred, but no further movement is to take place. 

Is Soaking Okay In The Mormon Church? 

The idea, according to the rumors, is that this lack of movement allows the couple to technically remain within the bounds of the Church’s chastity guidelines. However, this train of thought represents a profound misunderstanding of the LDS Church’s teachings on sexual purity.

Let me make it clear: The Church’s teachings emphasize not only physical chastity but also mental and emotional chastity, which include maintaining pure thoughts and refraining from any actions that may lead to sexual arousal before marriage.

To understand these teachings, one must first understand the importance the LDS Church places on the law of chastity. Chastity, according to LDS doctrine, isn’t just about abstaining from sex before marriage. It’s also about forming a deep, spiritual connection with another person and respecting the sacredness of the human body. Engaging in activities like “soaking,” even if no movement is involved, still violates this spiritual principle.

Let’s Clear Up Some of The Confusion

Many of the conversations around the topic of “soaking” make it sound like a common practice among many Mormons. This is simply not true. It’s a fringe phenomenon, and it’s crucial to remember that the behaviors of a few individuals do not reflect the beliefs or practices of the entire Church membership.

It’s also essential to understand that many members of the LDS Church find the concept of “soaking” as baffling and odd as those outside the Church do. It’s hardly a standard part of the Mormon experience or an accepted loophole in LDS doctrine. The majority of Mormons remain committed to their faith’s teachings on chastity and are often just as surprised by the concept of “soaking” as anyone else.

Let’s recap. “Mormon soaking” is not an accurate representation of LDS teachings or typical behavior among Church members. Instead, it’s an obscure practice that has been widely blown out of proportion in popular media and discussions. Because yes, it’s rather absurd and hilarious. As a member of the Church, I feel it is crucial to dispel such misconceptions and to foster a better understanding of our beliefs and practices, which promote respect, love, and commitment in relationships.