How Many LDS Temples Are There In Utah?

salt lake temple in Utah

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has a long history in Utah, and its presence is reflected in the number of temples located in the state.

Little-known fact: The St. George Temple was the first LDS temple to be completed and dedicated in Utah, in 1876 and 1877, respectively. Since then, the number of temples in the state has steadily grown. The most recent temple to be dedicated in Utah was the Ephraim Utah Temple, which site was dedicated in August 2022.

The LDS Church has a unique temple program, which allows members to participate in sacred ordinances that are not available in other church buildings. Temples are considered to be houses of the Lord, and they are used for a variety of purposes, including baptisms for the dead, marriage sealings, and other ordinances.

The concentration of LDS temples in Utah is a reflection of the church’s strong presence in the state. Utah has the highest percentage of LDS Church members in the world, and the state is home to the church’s headquarters.

As of March, 2024, there are 25 LDS temples in Utah, including 16 that are currently operating, 7 that are undergoing renovation or reconstruction, and 2 that are announced as under construction.

The following is a list of the LDS temples in Utah:

Operating LDS Temples in Utah

  1. Bountiful Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1995)
  2. Brigham City Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1978)
  3. Draper Utah Temple (Dedicated in 2009)
  4. Logan Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1884)
  5. Manti Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1888)
  6. Monticello Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1996)
  7. Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1996)
  8. Ogden Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1972)
  9. Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple (Dedicated in 2000)
  10. Salt Lake Temple (Dedicated in 1893)
  11. St. George Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1877)
  12. Vernal Utah Temple (Dedicated in 1997)
  13. Orem Utah Temple (Dedicated in 2024)

Utah Temples Undergoing Renovation or Reconstruction: 

  1. Payson Utah Temple (Expected to reopen in 2025)
  2. Provo Utah Temple (Closed for reconstruction in February 2024, expected completion date unknown) 

Utah Temples Announced or Under Construction:

  1. Ephraim Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2025)
  2. Heber Valley Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2024)
  3. Layton Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2024)
  4. Red Cliffs Utah Temple (St. George) (Expected Completion in 2025)
  5. Smithfield Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2025)
  6. Syracuse Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2024)
  7. Taylorsville Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2024)
  8. Tooele Valley Utah Temple (Expected Completion in 2025)

The LDS Church continues to grow in Utah, and it is likely that the number of temples in the state will continue to grow as well.